LifeWorks Rehab patient success stories

Patient Success Stories

Carol Bass

"My therapy began almost as soon as I arrived. I was admitted on a Saturday and they got me up on Sunday to start therapy."

LifeWorks Rehab gave her a new focus on a healthy, active lifestyle.

One day I was at home, washing clothes and going about my daily routine. I had just put my clothes in the washer, and my knee just seemed to completely give out. I fell down hard, and ended up cracking both kneecaps as well as fracturing both tibias and fibulas. I went to the ER and was rushed to emergency surgery. My injuries required extensive therapy, and since my accident was such an unexpected event I had to do research while I was in the hospital. Based on a friend’s recommendation, we chose Beaufont Heath and Rehabilitation Center.

When I arrived at Beaufont Heath and Rehabilitation Center, walking was not even a remote option. With two full leg casts, I could hardly move. Even though I was in a tremendous amount of pain, they took such wonderful care of me. They did everything in the world to keep me comfortable. After a month, the casts were taken off and that’s when my recovery really shifted into high gear. When the casts came off, it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Initially, I was very afraid of bending my knees–I was so afraid of injuring myself again. My LifeWorks Rehab therapists worked with me tirelessly to conquer that fear, and rebuild my strength and confidence.

I was so well prepared to go home when I left Beaufont Heath and Rehabilitation Center–they had made completely certain that I was capable of doing everything I would need to do at home on my own. It sounds odd, but I cried a lot the first week I came home. I really missed the people I had gotten to know so well. Now that I’m home I feel like a totally different person. I’ve started exercising with my husband, have lost weight, and am healthier and stronger than ever. I feel like I owe everything to LifeWorks Rehab and the care I received at Beaufont Heath and Rehabilitation Center–they really gave me a new focus on health and wellness in my life. It’s never to late to start!

Eunice Wells

"The people at LifeWorks Rehab helped me stay hopeful and realize that I would get through this. And with their help, I did."

After a stroke, LifeWorks Rehab helped her get back home quicker than she ever expected.

One night after dinner I was watching television at home and just enjoying the evening. I awoke from a nap in my recliner and immediately knew that something was wrong. I was having trouble seeing, my thoughts were jumbled, and my left side was just sort of drooping. I managed to get to the phone, but I couldn't remember any telephone numbers–I was so confused. I just started dialing numbers and thanks to the kindness of a stranger (to whom I'll be forever grateful) I was finally able to get an ambulance, and was rushed to the emergency room. As it turns out, I was having a stroke and spent about eight days in the hospital.

After I left the hospital, I went to Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center to recover. I needed so much help, and at that point I was very, very scared. I didn't think I'd ever go home. The people at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center helped me stay hopeful and realize that I could get through this. Once I started therapy, I was determined to do everything I could to help myself. I had therapy three times a day, six days a week. They were so helpful, supportive, and above all encouraging. They made me feel like I could do it, and they reminded me that there was an end in sight and that I would be going home. I truly feel that I had a miracle happen in my life, and I couldn't be more thankful for the care I received at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center–-the change I made in the space of a month was absolutely incredible.

Hugh Grant

"No question - the people here made all the difference. Everyone went out of their way in all respects."

An accident put an end to his motorcycling career.
We helped him get back on the road in his professional career.

I was an avid motorcyclist and had ridden for more than 40 years until I had an accident which left me immobilized with a broken pelvis, shattered right arm, back pain, memory problems and more. It was an awful accident that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, and it certainly put an end to my riding days.

Upon arrival at Burke Health and Rehabilitation Center, I was in bed most of the time and couldn't walk. During the first few weeks in the LifeWorks Rehab program, I progressed to where I could push myself in my wheelchair and eventually began to walk with the aid of a walker. From there I quickly worked my way to walking with crutches. The physical therapists kept working with me to strengthen my arms, legs, and back. At the same time, my speech therapist worked with me to regain my memory and my occupational therapist helped me get used to doing the every day tasks that I'd be performing once I got back home.

Once home, I was well on my way to recovery and had all of the tools to keep getting better on my own. I didn't need a lot of special equipment at home - thanks to LifeWorks Rehab I had gotten stronger and learned what I needed. I was overjoyed that within two months of returning home I was able to resume work. Being productive and on the job made me feel like I was back to my old self, and I couldn't have done it without LifeWorks Rehab and the care I received at Burke Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Irene Micer

"They welcomed me like I was a long lost friend. It was an experience that meant so much to me as a patient."

LifeWorks Rehab changed her idea of what skilled nursing and rehabilitation care can be.

I first learned of Bowling Green Health and Rehabilitation Center when my father needed skilled nursing care. We did a tremendous amount of research at the time, and after reviewing our options decided that Bowling Green Health and Rehabilitation Center stood out far and above the rest. The care he received there was wonderful, and was a very positive experience in all respects.

Over the years, I developed rheumatoid arthritis and after a total hip replacement last year I knew that Bowling Green Health and Rehabilitation Center was where I wanted to recover, too. From the very beginning, it was a very smooth and well-coordinated experience. When I arrived, the administrator, nursing supervisor, and an aide were all standing at the door, ready and waiting for me. They welcomed me like I was a long lost friend. It was an experience that meant so much to me as a patient, and it really helped put my mind at ease that I was going to be in great hands. My therapy started the very next day. They came first to talk with me, and explained the course of the LifeWorks Rehab program. They described what we'd be doing, what sorts of things I could expect, and told me everything I needed to know. At the same time, they let me ask all the questions I needed and were so very patient. The therapy started off slowly, but progressed and became more intense every day as I grew stronger. In only three weeks time, I was able to go home on my own and walk unassisted.

I worked in a number of different positions in healthcare during my career, and my background gives me a unique perspective on the healthcare facilities I've come into contact with. Bowling Green Health and Rehabilitation Center really changed my mind about what skilled nursing and rehabilitation care can be. It is so clean, the food is great, and the staff was so caring. I noticed things even as simple as the smell - it always smelled so nice and clean. You can tell that the people at Bowling Green Health and Rehabilitation Center really care enough to give their patients the best care they can. It's personal with them.

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